Tart and Quiche

Here's my Strawberry tart. (Think I need more work with the decorations.)

Here is a close up view.

The combination of the sweet creme patisserie and strawberries was just wonderful. I have so much of the creme left, I brought it to office today just to dip the leftover strawberries! Absolutely sinful!

Here is my Swiss Cheese Quiche. The dough was not rolled up the proper way, and I had to do patch work to get it into the flan pan. The end result: cracks on the crust. =<>

Here is a slice of the Quiche. Yes, I think I look like a terrible miser for the thin pathetic filling on the quiche. Well, hear me out. I made the filling with a recipe for a 8 or 9 inch crust. However, as my 8 inch flan pan was in use by the strawberry, I had to use my 10 inch flan pan. And the feather-brained me forgot to adjust the filling accordingly! *Hmphh...*

All in all, I would say that Mrs Child's recipes for the dough and quiche are worth the effort. Oh yes, and also Mr. Pepin's creme patisserie was really yummy. I don't know when I will be making tarts and quiche again, but I have certainly enjoyed this experimental session.


  1. Hi, I wanted to make some peach tarts that were similar to those from Delifrance so I googled and your blog came up... I think your tart looks absolutely beautiful and I aspire to do as well. It's a super old post but if you still have the recipe for the creme pattiserie could I get it from you?

  2. Hi ty,
    I'll be happy to share the recipe with you. Just drop me your email here and I'll get back to you.

  3. Hi, thanks for sending the creme recipe!

    Here's my own blog with pictures. ^_^

    [Click 'Memoire' to get to the posts]


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